Types of tourism

The historical and cultural tourism

Speaking about the tourism potential of any country, its history, cultural heritage to the fore drawn. In this respect the measurement of Nakhchivan and its ancient history for thousands of years, a number of ancient tombs and sacred places in the world that can be considered a masterpiece of architecture and a rich cultural heritage, historical and architectural monuments of great interest to foreign tourists. Momina Khatun and Yusif Kuseyroglu tombs, Nakhchivangala Garabaglar Architectural Complex, Khanagah Memorial Complex, connected Gamigaya stone inscriptions with the name of Noah's ship, the legendary Hachadag, reserve-city rich of monuments Ordubad, the Holy Koran mentioned about Ashabi-Kahf sanctuary, the tomb of Prophet Noah, the 5000-year old city of Nakhchivan, an ancient buildings, castles, ancient settlements and necropolis, folk artists and crafts preserved to the present day. attractive to tourists. Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, registered under the historical and cultural monument in 1202, nearly 700 of the world and the country is important. The movable historical and cultural monuments are preserved in the museums is of great interest to tourists. Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, 28 museums and museum-type institutions operate. Additionally it should be noted that the whole of mankind to be adopted by the Noah's grave in Nakhchivan, "Ashabi Kahf" sanctuary situated in the territory of the Nakhchivan attracts many tourists. By the way, it should be noted that the capital of Islamic culture in 2018 Nakhchivan the declaration of the result of its rich history and culture.

Medical Tourism

Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is famous for its natural healing objects. There is a great potential for the development of medical tourism in the autonomous republic. 60% of mineral water reserves of Azerbaijan are in Nakhchivan. Some of them have healing potential (Sirab, Daridagh, Badamli etc.). Natural treatment place Duzdagh has an irreplaceable role in healing some diseases. In addition to this, in Daridagh Arsenic water dispensary (in Julfa) some diseases are healed. Patients from various parts of the world come to this place. From this aspect, the potential for development of medical tourism is notable. 

A spring named “Kidney water” and situated in the territory of Shahbuz has great importance in healing kidney stones. There is a factory for filling the water into plastic containers. The fact that this water pees 4 types of kidney stones has been proved  scientifically. There is not any water resource in this content in any foreign country. The analogue of the waters of Nakhchivan with radon and sulfur are hardly found in foreign countries. The same opinions can be said about the ironic waters which heal the internal organs. Ironic waters are the medicine of liver. Carbonic waters can be used in the treatment of gastro-intestinal diseases and removement of inflammatory factors. These waters can be used not only in treatment period, but also in recovery period. There are more than 250 mineral water resources in Nakhchivan. Mineral water as Sirab and Badamli are also used as beverages in daily life.

Village-green tourism

People who come from big cities or foreign countries have big desire for living and relaxing in an ordinary village house. It is also called as “village tourism” as the location place is a village house. In world experience, if the host accepts tourist in his house, this house gets the status of village guest house. Village guest house usually belongs to one family, and is a small hotel venture which gives a tourist services as feeding, accomodation, excursion, and etc.

In the frame of implemented measures, the establishment of village tourism is also spotlighted. From this aspect, the territory of AR has a great potential. Cotteges built in the territory of “Batabat” restaurant which is situated in Shahbuz, in mountains, give the comers an opportunity of relaxing for acceptable prices. Another object, affecting the village tourism potential of AR, is Aghbulag Recreation Center which is located in the same named village of Shahbuz. The village is situated 2000m above sea level. Despite this, fruit and vegetable growing, beekeeping, and livestock is developed in the village. It allows the tourists to be provided with eco-friendly food products. Acceptable prices and offered services please the guests. Also it is possible to go with railway to some villages of AR. Tourists can use the service of hotels situated in Nakhchivan city and region centers. Hotels are surrounded by eco-friendly and spectacular scenes, and are situated near the historical-cultural monuments. Today, remote mountain villages of AR are equipped with electric, water, and gas. It is possible to connect with any place of the world by telephone. All these make it possible to satisfy even the most exacting tourist.


Ecotourism or ecological tourism – as a form of nature tourism, is the type of tourism which is about the care of nature.  Ecotourism is a trip which is made with purpose of becoming more familiar with environment and local wildlife, studying and understanding all these more deeply. Ecotourism is the interaction of tourism activity and local people. AR with its springs and lakes has a great potential for development of ecotourism. As a result of the attention to ecology, in every spring and summer, all greeneries, forests, and river banks of AR are swarmed with lovers of ecological tourism. One of the most spectacular places of this land is Batabat plato. This place, which is located in Shahbuz, 65km distance from Nakhchivan city, 2445m above sea level, is considered as the place for ecotourism. In hot summer days, there is a large influx of people to this place. The richness of Batabat with herbs and the freshness of its weather create a great perspective for establisment of health resort complex. Batabat is famous for its flowery meadows, natural lakes, simple and clean mountain air, forests, springs known as  Zorbulag, Sudlubulag. The lake of Batabat is remarkable as it is the only lake in the world which has a floating lake in it.

The religious tourism

First of all tourists who travel to any country in the history of this country, living style, reflecting the artefacts are interested in religious affiliation. Hence, tourism and cultural heritage of any country, serves as a tool for the promotion of religious monuments. Therefore, the historical, cultural and religious monuments in the world, but also influencing the development of tourism, the country is attractive to tourists is considered one of the main factors. Autonomous Republic is rich in religious shrines. There are about 140 of the sanctuary. So here facilities various religious shrines, imamzades travels these facilities are there, and people of faith. The most important of these is the holy Koran, "Al-Kahf" "Ashabi-Kahf sanctuary" mentioned in Surah. "Ashabi-Kahf" religious-cultural monument complex has all the conditions for visitors to visit. Every year, tens of thousands of people coming to visit here. 

 In addition, the tomb of Prophet Noah's grave is one of the tourist destinations most visited shrines and hearths districts that are available, including both local citizens and foreign tourists can visit whenever they want to go. As an example, in the village of Nakhchivan region Tenenem sacred place-Suleyman pilgrimage, Kengerli Garabaghlar village of Asni pilgrimage, in the village of Julfa region Almammad Jamaldin pilgrimage and others.


Ethnic tourism

Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic borders on Turkey and Iran Islamic Republic. The Azerbaijanis living in these countries come to Nakhchivan to see their relatives and friends, and this is the most important factor affecting ethnic tourism.

The history of Azerbaijani people is rich in certain historical events and holidays. These days are never spent without guests. Many people delay their work, visit their families, and hurry to havethe nostalgic feelings even if they are thousand miles away. It is possible to get good income in tourism sector by preparing for such kind of visits professionally and serving the ethnic tourists and the representatives of other nations exemplarily. We must not forget that people, who visit their relatives in Novruz, Ramadan, and Gurban holidays, on the Day of Solidarity of World Azerbaijanis and New Year, are not only the guests of them, but also the guest all Nakhchivan people.