Nearly 250 libraries - the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Library named after M.S.Ordubadi, the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Children’s Library named after A.Babayev, the Electron Library of Nakhchivan State University, the Electron Library ANAS Nakhchivan Department, 8 centralized library systems and 224 branch libraries within them act in the cities and regions of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

 The Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Library named after M.S. Ordubadi

As well as other regions of Azerbaijan, public libraries and reading-rooms have formed during long historical period in Nakhchivan. In 1922, Nakhchivan City Library was created by the People’s Commissariat of Enlightenment, and in 1930, The Library of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republicin was established the base of this library. In order to increase the interest to the book, in 1933, a reading-room was arranged at the Republic Library, mobile library which organised by the library covered Nakhchivan and other regions. In 1953, Library of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic has been named by the founder of historical novel genre in Azerbaijan literature and a great writer Mammad Said Ordubadi. In 2007, The Library of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic named by M.S.Ordubadi was automatized due to the modernized library, connected to the internet and  supplied with 20 computers set. The library, having 300 000 circulation of books and journals, has got around 18000 readers. The library has the assembly hall for 50 seats, the periodical press hall for 30 seats, the computer internet hall for 10 people. In the library, there are examples of literatures in Azerbaijani, Russian, Turkish, English, German, French, Persian, and other languages.

In recent years, the cultural growth of the Autonomous Republic had an impact on libraries, the libraries in the Autonomous Republic including The Library of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic named after M.S.Ordubadi are covered with care by the state. The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic signed a resolution “about the 90th anniversary of the library of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic named after M.S.Ordubadi” on 19 April, 2012. In accordance with paragraph 3 of the “Action Plan” approved by the order, The Electron Library was created.

Address:  Nakhchivan city,  Ataturk street.

Tel:   (+994 36)  545-03-50;  545-03-49

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 The Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Library named after A.Babayev.

It was established on the basis of the Nakhchivan City Children’s Library in 1960. The library having 161111 published issues in its fund has got 8576 readers. Two reading halls act in the library.

Address:  Nakhchivan city, Babek str.

Tel:   (+994 36)  545-48-03; 545-43-38

 Nakhchivan   Center of the Supreme Majlis of  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

Nakhchivan   Center of the Supreme Majlis of  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic offers readers the following services:

Using an electronic library through the Internet

Using an electronic catalog within the library

Using  literature and other means in the library fund

Reading and periodical press hall

There are 36 seats in the reading and periodical press hall.Literature, magazines and newspapers in different fields are kept in the hall. The hall recieves 23 newspapers and 18 magazines in Azerbaijani and Russian languages. There is an opportunity to use the internet in reading and periodical press hall.

Electronic reading hall

There are 6 seats for readers, 1 controller seat in the electronic reading hall. The library provides services through global internet and internal network. There are five computer sets and the following services are offered to the readers at the disposal of other electronic equipment for use  DVDs and CDs in the archives:

Using the literature in the center’s fund via electronic catalogues;

Using documents, manuscripts, video materials, audio materials, photos and maps in the archive fund of the Center through electronic catalogue;

Using resources from other libraries over the Internet; - reading hall of the department of Nakhchivan Center

                                                                       Adress: Nakhchivan city, Nizami 16

Tel:(+99436) 550 68 36

(+99436) 550 68 37

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 Electronic Library of Nakhchivan State University

A new building meeting European standarts was built and commissioned in 2004 for the Electronic Library of Nakhchivan State University. The library has more than 160,000 books in different languages. The library has 4 modern reading rooms, internet center, exhibit space, periodical press fund, binder’s and so on.

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev attended the opening ceremony of the Electronic Library.


Nakhchivan City Book House named after Mahammadaga Shahtakhtli

The Nakhchivan City Book House named after Mahammadaga Shahtakhtli was inaugurated on December 19, 2005 by the President of the country. On the ground floor of a 3-storey building, school supplies, textbooks, on the first floor schoool uniforms produced in Nakhchivan and sports equipments are sold. On the second floor, various literatures, including fiction books and scientific literature are sold.