(XII-XIV centuries)


Being one of the unique samples of the Middle Ages Azerbaijani architecture the ice-house hold special place among the Turko-Islamic cultural monuments of Nakhchivan. One of these monuments distinguished with its architectural features, located in the southern part of Nakhchivan city near to Imamzadeh complex is Ice-house of XII-XIV centuries. This monument, being the largest one in the territory of Azerbaijan was built in the form of rectangular. The length of the building is 20 meters, the width 9 meters, the height 9.6 meters. The perfect solution of surface designed in a high quality, creation of light, vertical surface in dynamic construction scheme are the characteristic features of Nakhchivan Ice houses.

          The high quality and perfect solution of Nakhchivan Ice- house proves its establishment in XII-XIV centuries, during the development of Nakhchivan architectural school. In ancient times, Ice houses have met the needs of population for ice during the hot summer. Nakhchivan Ice-house stopped functioning as the refrigerators became more popular in households.

          Ice-house, being subject to strong erosion over time was restored in 2013 by the order of Chairman of Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.