(XVIII century)


Turko-Islamic cultural monuments built in the territory of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic include civil buildings, as well as palaces. One of these palaces is Khan Palace, the house of Nakhchivan khans. Khan Palace is located in “Khan hilly land” of Nakhchivan city. The Palace, having 3600 square metr area and distinguished with its architectural style was built facing the sunrise direction appropriate to the relief of the territory. The Palace was built by Kalbali Khan Kangarli, well-known statesman at the end of XVIII century. The palace built in Oriental architectural style was the house of Nakhchivan Khan’s up to the beginning of XX century.

          The Khan Palace is two-storeyed. Before, the palace was consisted of two separate sections. The south section was considered for administrative affairs, as well as for receiving the senior raking guests, whereas the north section was aimed for the khan’s family to live in. The total area of the Khan palace is 382 square metr. The building was built of burnt bricks and the thickness of walls is approximately one meter. There are eight rooms in the ground floor, six rooms and two halls in the first floor. The building was heated by the means of two fire-places set in the walls.

          Khan Palace was restored in 2010 by the order of Chairman of Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.