(XVIII century)


Muslim religious schools belonging to mystic sects, as well as Zaviya, buildings were built to meet needs for educated staff in Nakhchivan after the 7th century. Zaviya buildings were the places of worship and education. Therefore, Zaviya-madrasa buildings were built at that period of time. These special architectural models are preserved in Nakhchivan. Yet, unlike other Turco-Islamic cultural monuments of Nakhchivan, Zaviya-madrasa building stands out for its special design. Zaviya-madrasa building is situated in Zaviya Street, Nakhchivan city. The word “Zaviya” is translated from the Arabic language as “corner” and these buildings were used as centers of accommodation, worship and education in the Middle Ages.

          Zaviya-madrasa building constructed in the 18th century seems to be a square-shaped form, but indeed it possesses a very complicated architectural structure. The building was based on a rostrum at 1 meter high on the ground. Its total area is 212 square meters. It is completely distinguished from other buildings in Nakhchivan in terms of its structure and the forms of its different parts.

          In accordance to the order of the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Zaviya-madrasa building was thoroughly restored in 2008.