(XVIII century)


Bathrooms are the original models of Turco-Islamic cultural monuments. Oriental bath-house of Nakhchivan city is situated in the city center, in front of Tabriz Hotel, in the square of Dede-Gorqud. Indigenous people of Nakhchivan call this bath-house as “Bath-house of Ismayil khan” in honor of Ismayil khan from the dynasty of the khans of Nakhchivan. Oriental bath-house played an important role in the lives of native people as a place for bathing, cleanliness, as well as meetings, talks, rest and therapy.

          The building of bath-house dated to the XVIII century, consists of entrance hall, service room, bathing room with a pond, storehouse and furnace. Its total area is 526 square meters. The bath-house is in an oblong shape in its plan. The building is made of burnt brick. The dressing room of the bath-house is an eight-sided shape. There are two transition ways to the bathroom. The pond was built in the center of the bathing room. The proof of a 108 square meter bathroom is covered by spherical dome.

          The storehouse of the building joins to the bathroom. The hole of the storeroom was used to take water. Needs of the bath-house for water was provided through underground water supply. The furnace under the storeroom was served to heat the building. The heat was delivered to the rooms via underground pipes.

          The bath-house was completely restored in 2005.