Nakhchivan products will be sold with the logo “Nakhchivan capital of Islamic culture -2018”

As it is known, according to the decree of the sixth conference of the culture ministers of the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) held in Baki in October 2009,  the city of Nakhchivan was declared the capital city of the Islamic culture for 2018. This will be a memorable event in the life of our autonomous republic, our country, as well as the Islamic world in general.

The events to be held in connection with the declaration of Nakhchivan the capital city of the Islamic culture is important not only from the point of view of recognition of the culture, rich tourism potential, but also for the propagation of the produced goods in Islamic countries as well as in many other countries of the world.

In this respect, the products of dried fruits produced and delicately packed by “Nakhchivan Products LLC” presented to sale with the logo of “Nakhchivan capital of Islamic culture -2018” will be met with interest by both the tourists coming to our city and the local population

Starting from the previous year, more than 25 sorts of dried fruits are produced and packed in “Nakhchivan Products LLC”. The "Nakhchivan Islamic Capital of Culture-2018" logo is in 9 of these products.  The high quality apple, peach, plum, melon fruit and vegetable products dried and packed by special equipment are bought by buyers with great interest.

It should be noted that products of high quality standards, manufactured in packages of 90 and 250 grams, are sent to not only the trade objects of our Autonomous Republic, but also to the capital city of our country, as well as to the Turkish Republic. In the future, these products are also intended to be exported to the Russian Federation and the Ukraine.

                                                                   Ali Jabbarov